Pricing and Payment


Pricing varies depending on the size and type (full papers, abstracts, reviewers' comments, presentation materials, manuals, etc.) of the job. Please send us your manuscript for a detailed quote. General pricing information for academic papers is as follows:

Over 600 words: 12.5 yen/word
Up to 600 words: 7,500 yen
Translation (Japanese to English)
Over 600 Japanese characters: 25 yen/character
Up to 600 Japanese characters: 15,000 yen
Translation (English to Japanese)
From 6,000 yen/page (one page equals 1,200 characters including spaces)
Translation (Other language pairs)
Quoted upon request

- The above prices include one free revision for rewriting and unlimited free revisions for Japanese to English translation.
- To inquire about pricing for all other services, please call us at 03-3353-3545 or request a quote.

Please note that a 25% additional charge is applied to "RUSH" work, including:

Academic papers over 600 words completed within 5 working days
Abstracts, letters, and short papers up to 600 words completed within 3 working days

Please note that a 100% additional charge is applied to "1-DAY" work, including:

Abstracts, letters, and short papers up to 600 words completed within 1 working day

Large projects:

Did you know your job may qualify for a large-volume discount?
Request a quote or call us at 03-3353-3545.

Special Offers
* 10% off first-time rewriting of academic papers
* 20% off first-time translation of academic papers (Japanese to English only)
* 20% off rewriting of thesis for qualified students (call for details)

Payment Method

We can accept payment from you directly, your institution or organization, research funds or grants, and from third-party payers. Payment must be made in Japanese yen (or in US dollars upon prior arrangement) via bank transfer or by VISA or MasterCard (please call when paying by credit card).

Further information
- Payment can be accepted at any time but no later than one month after the end of the calendar month in which the work was completed.
- An invoice will be issued when you inform us that the job is finished or after two weeks have passed without us hearing from you following delivery of the work.
- If you need a "receipt of payment", please inform your coordinator in charge and we will issue one as soon as we confirm that the payment has been received.
- If payment will be made using funds from your research budget or a Grant-in-Aid, please send us the necessary paperwork or provide the contact information of the person authorized to handle such payments.
- For questions about payment, please contact our Accounting Division via the Contact Us form (Japanese).